The Sandcastles Program™  

Helping the Children of Divorce Rebuild

Welcome to the Sandcastles Program™

The image of a child carefully moulding his new “home” of sand to replace the old one swept away by turbulent water captures the difficult quest every child of divorce must complete in order to grow up emotionally healthy and equal to life's future challenges.

More than 20 000 children are affected by divorce each year in South Africa. From research it is apparent that children need additional support to adjust to parental divorce.

The Sandcastles Program was specifically designed to assist children between the ages of 6 – 17 in dealing with their parents' divorce. Research in South Africa showed an improvement in self-concept and decrease in levels of anxiety and depression amongst children who participated in this program.   


Parents are often concerned about how well their children are adjusting to the divorce and whether they need to bring their children for a clinical psychological assessment. We now offer parents the opportunity to complete an empirically based online assessment about their child(ren) prior to their child(ren) attending The Sandcastles Program™. In addition, an assessment of the child(ren)’s perceptions and/or faulty beliefs regarding the divorce can be done to identify areas in need of attention. More in depth clinical psychological assessments are also available.   

Dates of the upcoming Sandcastles Program sessions in Cape Town, South Africa*:

We schedule sessions as soon as we have a minimum of 4 children registered for a specific age range. Please contact us to add you child(ren) to the waiting list for our upcoming sessions. 

*The Sandcastles Program group sessions are run with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 children per group. Sessions have been scheduled for the dates above, but additional sessions will be arranged if sufficient registrations are received.